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Sandude "Shades of Amber" Ale

American Amber Ale

Full bodied, hint of hops, caramel center, light bitter finish

ABV: 5% - IBU 30

Sandude "Suntan Blonde" Ale

American Blonde Ale

Light golden color, crisp start, clean finish

ABV: 5% - IBU 20

Sandude "Woody Brown" Ale

American Brown Ale

Hints of chocolate and coffee notes, silky center, smooth finish

ABV: 5.5% - IBU 26

Sandude Double IPA Ale

American IPA

Burst of 6 hops, moderate bodied and bitterness, citric & floral tones finish

ABV: 8% - IBU 105

Sandude IPA Ale

American IPA

Big herbal & citric character, medium bodied center, moderate bitterness, balanced malty finish

ABV: 6% - IBU 61

Sandude "Drop Top" Lager


Description coming soon

ABV: 4.1% - IBU 9

Sandude "Portside" Porter


Description coming soon

ABV: 7.4% - IBU 51

Sandude Imperial Milk Stout

Milk Stout

Description coming soon

ABV: 7.3% - IBU 38


Available in:
 Bottles 12 oz six pack
22 oz Bomber  
Kegs 5 gal & 15.5 gal



Suntan Blonde Ale



Sandude Double IPA




Woody Brown



Shades of Amber